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Extending your team with Infinity will give you the power to engage and grow with your target audience.

The ultimate extension of your marketing team is in front of you. Engaging with Infinity puts some of the brightest, creative marketing minds to work for your goals in fundraising, cause awareness and event promotion. We understand your goals and deliver on them.

It’s You Plus Infinity!

Google Grants Management

Google provides small businesses with tools to help attract new customers and keep loyal customers coming back for more. From Google analytics to tools that maximize the success of your SEO strategies, Google arms small businesses with the weapons to compete with the big boys. Infinity Marketing Group helps small businesses leverage Internet marketing tools such as AdWords to increase market share and increase revenue.

We also help non-profits & charities (5013c’s) by connecting them to the power of the Google Grants program. By providing $10,000 per month of in-kind AdWords, Google helps non-profit organizations promote their missions and charity based initiatives.

The Core Strategy that Keeps Your Non-Profit Ticking

Infinity Marketing Group leaves no marketing stone unturned. Our core strategy of “Everything Matters” ensures your non-profit benefits from marketing strategies such as Google Grants. The team of online marketing experts at Infinity customizes marketing strategies to match the need of each client. We base the development of our client-focused Internet marketing strategies on your goals. Infinity Marketing Group creates strategies for potent online market tools such as Google Grants, while refining and optimizing the tools to produce the highest quality traffic. Our Google Grants strategies may vary, but the benefits for your non-profit do not.

Benefits of Google Grants for Non-Profits:

  • Increase Mission Awareness
  • Promote Interest that Attracts Volunteers
  • Enhanced Marketing Increases Traffic
  • More Donations

Infinity Marketing Groups can help you increase mission awareness and grow your non-profit coffers by implementing a few proven online strategies.

LinkedIn Automation

Our social media automation service for LinkedIn focuses on the most hyper effective platform for clients who focus on B2B services. LinkedIn has completely dominated the B2B networking space and our clients have experienced phenomenal results using LinkedIn as a marketing platform.

While being agency owners ourselves, we found an interesting phenomenon with our client’s LinkedIn accounts, the more we engaged and interacted on their behalf on LinkedIn and engaged with their connections, the more business they landed.

We created and perfected a social media automation service that does all the “grunt” work on LinkedIn for you so that you can spend your time in other parts of your business that really matter.

Some of the main features of our LinkedIn Automation:

  • Boost Connections
  • Custom Welcome Messages
  • Auto Opt-In
  • Automated Congratulations Message
  • Automated Endorsements
  • Automated Post Likes
  • Share Content

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