New Chapter, Why I Joined Infinity Marketing Group _

New Chapter, Why I Joined Infinity Marketing Group

New Chapter, Why I Joined Infinity Marketing Group

I live by the philosophy “Aspire to More.” It’s my personal motto to everything I do. Improving my soul, my surroundings, my health, and my mind every day. I seek to have a humble yet positive effect on society, striving for a higher level of virtue.

Traditionally, the corporate world is structured, safe and comfortable. Consistent paycheck, benefits, stock options, with perks like baseball tickets, half day summer Fridays and paid vacation. The tradeoff is corporate life can be very restrictive and limiting — which is stifling for someone in a creative field like marketing.

My favorite quote from Neale Donald Walsch is:

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

After 15 years working in corporate atmosphere’s, I recently joined Infinity Marketing Group as a Partner and CMO charged with brand growth, operational organization, and revenue generation. This is my first entrepreneurial step in marketing, where I’m personally invested in the business from the top. Infinity is unique in that it offers a flexible work environment and inspiration to create, where the team is energized by the company mission and collaboration is a guiding principle.

The following are my top 4 reasons I joined Infinity:

Make A Bigger Impact

I purposely set out to find a company solving the same challenges I faced as an in-house marketer from limited to no support staff, restrictive budgets and heavy expectations from management to prove an ever-increasing ROI.

With my experience on the IT side of business, I’ve seen an agile process and a service delivery that can easily be replicated in the marketing arena. Illustrating this fact are the proliferation of SaaS platforms like Salesforce, Slack and DocuSign, which have reduced or eliminated outright mid-level management across all disciplines like development, accounting, and customer service. It’s no question a CMO or VP of Marketing will be successful armed with a team of skilled experts who can execute across multiple marketing channels including SEO, SEM, email marketing, website development, content marketing, social amplification and PPC.

This is where Infinity Marketing Group comes in. I like to refer to Infinity as managed marketing as a service (MMaaS), where CMO’s or executive leaders outsource their digital marketing for a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time staff, freeing up their time to focus on strategy and making decisions based on qualitative data.

Inspire and Lead Others

Leading others is natural for me. I do it through my philosophies and actions, leading by example. Over my career, I’ve developed a reputation for following through on things, which has earned me the respect of my colleagues and mentors. For every great manager, I’ve had just as many bad managers who showed me what NOT to do in terms of welcoming involvement from my teammates, being decisive and admitting when I don’t have an answer. Every career step has been a professional growth opportunity — for better or worse.

Becoming a partner and CMO of a rapidly scaling digital marketing agency allows me to extend a higher purpose message beyond just clients and staff. It gives me a forum to truly solve marketing problems and help my colleagues and clients see that doing things with a committed purpose breeds strong results.


The freedom to be in a work environment that promotes self-accountability was the single biggest factor for me joining Infinity Marketing Group. Companies that offer remote work value for what their team’s produce — not whether they’re in the same room together. And they trust their employees to do their best work even if no one’s looking over their shoulders.

As Automattic’s Matt Wullenweg has said:

We focus on two things when hiring. First, find the best people you can in the world. And second, let them do their work. Just get out of their way.

Yes, we all have deadlines to answer to and people we are accountable to. Yet the freedom to work with others who have the same level of self-determination to do the best possible work is special. Infinity offers a culture that promotes a flexible work schedule, rewards initiative and encourages collaboration and equality across the board. This is part of the mission I’m excited to dig into at Infinity.

We’re hiring! If you’re a digital marketer interested in joining the team, get in touch with us here


The opportunity Infinity Marketing Group provides is limitless, bringing the entire marketing mix together to form one cohesive managed services offering encompassing advertising, social media, search, PR and sales. The key is to do it with competence. CEO Jason Granger has worked in digital marketing for nearly two decades and my added experience within the corporate and startup world complements these abilities. Together, we offer a full-service inbound marketing solution that covers the ever changing needs of today’s marketing environment. I strongly believe in my capacity as the CMO, I will be able to positively, and significantly empower our teams to contribute to Infinity’s massive growth in a meaningful way.

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