Marketing Automation or Die _

Marketing Automation or Die

Marketing Automation or Die

As business and marketing leaders, we often have so many projects that there is no chance of ever seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I can tell you from my extensive experience managing teams, projects, and delivering on ideas, to get ahead you have to work smarter not harder.

The daily grind can bury you quickly as you try and prioritize what marketing efforts will generate engagement and interaction with your brand or product. To make matters worse there are things that need daily attention that don’t yield results right away. These things are vital to your long term success and promotion of your brand. Such things as social media tasks of building, attention, attraction, and engagement. Sending messages takes time. Liking posts takes time. Finding new material takes time. Saying happy birthday takes time. It’s all a massive time suck.

I have actually taken the time to clock just the time I spend on social media daily for work. In the past it was 2-3 hours. This left little time for my other projects, managing people, attending meetings, and other distractions that come across daily.

As the saying goes, “work harder not smarter.”

Wait, that’s not correct is it?

It’s “work smarter, not harder.”

How can you do this while still looking like you are giving social media channels attention and by showing you are an active contributor?

You automate!!! But you don’t just automate. You need to automate in a way that makes it look like you are still a person and not a robot. So, yes some attention to it still exists. Personally, I have cut my daily clocked time on social media down from 2-3 hours to 15-30 min. As a side note, most of the 15-30 minutes is following up with potential clients. Not a bad way to spend 15-30 minutes, correct?

You might now ask: “But how do I automate in a way that makes me look human still?”

The human part is just your interaction and what you post. The other parts such as building connections can be done more robotic. Such as with Twitter, there are many apps and add ons to browsers such as chrome that allow you to follow and unfollow people. This is the way to start building your base.

More on strategies behind targeting in a future post. For now, start with using these tools to “build” your network. While you do this, you need to also understand that social media platforms don’t like robots so they restrict the number follows or connections you can make. They also know how fast you can click, so if an automation tool goes faster than that you will get suspended.

Specifically to LinkedIn, you can’t look at more than 100 profiles a day, even with a premium account. You are also limited on the number of requests you can make. If you are too aggressive too quickly you will get blocked.

Now that we have addressed some of the “gotcha’s,” you can start thinking about your automation strategy. You will find that once you put it in place, your business and your marketing efforts have the potential to grow exponentially.

If you still don’t feel comfortable taking a stab at this yourself, there are some marketing companies out there that live for helping with these solutions to your automation efforts. One of them is my company, Infinity Marketing Group (Obviously I’m bias).  Just make sure whoever you pick has the results and knowledge to back up what they say they can do.

Now get out there and start automating because I guarantee your competition already is.

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  1. Forrester found most companies are in the process of evolving marketing practices, but on average they are only about halfway to the goal of becoming customer obsessed.


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