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Brain Ninja Marketing

Brain Ninja Marketing is a video subscription-based website for small business owners teaching them how to master marketing for their company on a budget.


Emaune` Design was founded in 2012 by 16 year old DeeJay Jackson. Emaune` Design was created to make women’s fashion accessories more specified to who they are uniquely. Their products have been featured in several market places around Denver, CO and have even made it into the hands of great business minds such as Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post.

Live Website: www.emaunedesign.wix.com/emaune-design

Gaming Soldier

Gaming Soldier is your source for gaming inside tricks and tips!

Live Website: www.gamingsoldier.com

Mixed Breed Marketing

Mixed Breed Marketing is a marketing consulting company based in the Denver Metro area specializing in event and product-based marketing.

Settle Up

Settle Up is a Tax Resolution and Insurance Settling company specializing in getting their clients the best settlement with the IRS, State Revenue Departments and Insurance companies.