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Your small business website acts as a magnet for attracting new customers and keeping regular customers up to date on your latest products and services. Infinity Marketing Group focuses on highlighting your business brand to ensure potential customers know how to find you online.

Website development means emphasizing the benefits and features of your business that separate you from the rest of the competition. After all, establishing your brand identity creates the level of trust required for potential customers to shop in your store.


We make sure your website operates as the face of your small business

Making it Easy for Customers to Navigate Your Site

webdesign1Nothing turns off web surfers more than difficult to access and navigate websites. You may have heard of bounce rate, and that has nothing to do with how high you can launch that cool rubber ball from the quarter machine (You know which one I’m talking about).

The bounce rate of your website shows you how long the average visitor stays on each of the site pages. A high bounce rate means your website repels visitors who decide to try out one of your competitor’s websites. Our expert website development team creates a design that promotes user-friendly navigation tools and easy to understand navigation directions. Infinity Marketing Group achieves the goal of building websites that achieve some of the lowest bounce rates for our clients.

When Coding Gets You Down

webdesign2We know that small businesses sometimes operate on shoestring budgets and because of budget constraints, small business owners try to write the code for their websites themselves. What if we told you that you can have your coding cake and eat it too?

Infinity Marketing Group offers affordable coding services that ensure your website presents a professional appearance and does not bog down due to oversized images or heavy back end code load. We know how to compress files to enhance user experiences. Keep your website operating in peak shape by using our professional web development team to code each one of your website pages and back end admin console.

At Infinity Marketing Group, our highly regarded web development team goes the extra mile to make sure your small business establishes brand credibility. Your website now represents you like a virtual business card. Let’s work together to make your digital business card resonate with your small business website visitors.

Setting Up Your Online Store

webdesign3It’s hard to harness the growing power of e-commerce. Online shopping provides consumers with quick, convenient, and safe ways for acquiring all the products and services that they need. What would you rather do: Stay at home in a warm room or fight off Black Friday shoppers? Infinity Marketing Group has a team of e-commerce experts that get your virtual store up and running in no time. We work with small business owners to create eye-popping product pages, as well as establish a 100 percent safe transaction system.

The online marketing experts at Infinity Marketing Group want you to focus on the facets of your business that matters the most: Your customers. Leave your e-commerce website in the capable hands of our website development team.

Converting from Desktop to Mobile Devices

webdesign4Infinity Marketing Group seamlessly applies a fast and proprietary conversion method to get your small business online for mobile device access. A study released in January 2014 confirms the importance of getting your website mobile friendly. For the first time, mobile devices took over the lead in Internet usage from desktop computers. Mobile devices now account for 55 percent of all Internet traffic.

What do the numbers means for your small business? You need an expert team that makes the seamless website transition from personal computers to mobile devices. We help you focus on content, instead of page slowing images and graphics that work well on your organic desktop website We adapt the font style used on your desktop site to match the smaller screens built into mobile devices. Your website visitors do not want Flash technology slowing the downloading of your mobile web pages. Developers create Flash for personal computers, not for mobile devices. Finally, we eliminate pop-up menus that look cool on a PC, but destroy the mobile device website experience.

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