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Google Grants Overview

Infinity Marketing Group helps non-profits & charities (5013c’s) by connecting them to the power of the Google Grants program. By providing $10,000 – $40,000 per month of in-kind AdWords, Google helps non-profit organizations promote their missions and charity based initiatives.

The Core Strategy that Keeps Your Non-Profit Ticking

Infinity Marketing Group leaves no marketing stone unturned. Our core strategy of “Everything Matters” ensures your non-profit benefits from marketing strategies such as Google Grants. The team of online marketing experts at Infinity customizes marketing strategies to match the need of each client. We base the development of our client-focused Internet marketing strategies on your goals. Infinity Marketing Group creates strategies for potent online market tools such as Google Grants, while refining and optimizing the tools to produce the highest quality traffic. Our Google Grants strategies may vary, but the benefits for your non-profit do not.
Benefits of Google Grants for Non-Profits:

  • Increase Mission Awareness
  • Promote Interest that Attracts Volunteers
  • Enhanced Marketing Increases Traffic
  • More Donations

Infinity Marketing and Google Grants: The Perfect Marriage

When Google released its Google Grants program, our team of online marketing experts immediately saw how the program helped non-profits grow their donor bases. After all, the text-based advertising closely resembles the text-based advertising that we perform with Google AdWords for small businesses. Your non-profit can expect our highly seasoned team of Google Grant experts to create campaigns, ad copy, and keyword lists that optimize your online marketing strategy. We help you identify the optimal states, cities, and zip codes where potential donors live. Infinity’s veteran Google Grants team quickly identifies the poorly performing ads and keywords to ensure your non-profit maximizes its return on the $10,000/month in free Google marketing money.

Google Grants is not some fly-by-night marketing gimmick that you won’t hear about in 10 years. Google Grants has staying power because the program helps you earn the type of online visibility that increases your donor base.

Work with our team of veteran Google Grants experts (by filling out the information on this page) to market your services, promotions, and special events with $10,000 – $40,000 per MONTH in Google Grants!

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