Digital Marketing Strategy _

Build and manage a strategy the produces results and STANDS OUT

Digital Marketing Strategy Defined

Digital Marketing Strategy is a channel of marketing involving online and digital components, mediums, and solutions. It is a combination of digital efforts designed to increase your brand presence, build tracking metrics, engage persona’s in nurturing journey’s, and leading you to customer acquisition.

Digital Marketing Strategy Key Concepts:

  • Research and development to identify your target audience and methods to engage them
  • Capability to analyze and test objectives using metrics
  • Create and refine the definitions of your persona target audience
  • Build, engage, and acquire new prospects and clients


What should you expect from a successful Digital Marketing strategy with Infinity Marketing Group?

  • Persona and target market ID
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Agile approach to testing your efforts
  • Alignment of marketing dollars spent to results
  • Identification of challenges
  • Establishment of goals and KPIs
  • Determination of the  “moments” you should market in
  • Manage Resources
  • Align your Marketing Mix
  • Construction of an executable plan

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